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Cell phones: we all use them, but are they safe?

In touch: Willowy monardella

Salt marshes, mangroves, and other coastal environments may alleviate climate change

A totally green, low-carbon, and affordable (cheap!) gift-giving guide

Restoration efforts give hope to an Appalachian salamander

The Value of a Whale

What's your opinion? Is tossing soup on art the right way to protest?

In touch: Tecate cypress

Western forests feeling pressure from climate change

Fall is here

Climate change affecting dikes and levees

Success! Snail darter removed from endangered species list

Scientists find that air pollution causes glaucoma

The ongoing saga of the northern spotted owl

Wildfires affect mothers and babies

In Touch: San Diego barrel cactus

Book Reviews

Understanding and misunderstanding climate change denial

Fences, roadways, and wildlife

Help your garden and the planet by composting

Science confirms that long-term drought intensifies chaparral wildfires

Saving 1000 fishes for the hungry

California and drought: consequences for people and the environment

In Touch: Shaw's agave

Regenesis: Feeding the World Without Devouring the Planet

Is an E-bike in your future?

Urban food forests: what it really means to grow peaches on Peachtree Street

Gardening: making the world a better place one backyard at a time

Londoners breathe easier in their Ultra Low Emission Zone

Geoengineering in our future

Under a White Sky

More science on climate change and health

New science on climate change in Europe

In Touch: The Ridgway's rail

New York, the greenest city in the US

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Vampire energy is costing you and trashing the planet

EPA proposes solutions for Tijuana trans-border sewage

Scientists use crowdsourcing to map bird migrations

News of the week

New science finds hope in remedying threats to Southwestern ecosystems

News of the week

New science on Amazon deforestation (It's not all sad and depressing!)

News of the week

In Touch: Torrey pines, the rarest pines in North America

Performers and artists contribute to Audubon's The Birdsong Project

Large grazing animals revitalize a grassland in Europe

Ukraine: War on the environment

Building with reused plywood

News of the week

It need not be difficult to reduce the amount of meat you eat and hence lower CO2 emissions

News of the week

Climate change is bringing and will bring more storms, heat waves, and weird weather

News of the week

Scientists see trouble for desert biocrusts due to climate change.

News of the week

Is bike sharing reducing carbon emissions?

News of the week

Climate change and health

News of the week

In Touch: Estuary Seablite

News of the week

Drying clothes online: saving money and saving the planet

News of the week

Swamplands: Tundra Beavers, Quaking Bogs, and the Improbable World of Peat by Edward Struzik

News of the week

Air Pollution from automobile exhaust harms health

News of the week

Doing good: Wild Willow Farms teaches and preaches regenerative agriculture

News of the week

Coke and Pepsi: sweet, fizzy and not so nice

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Climate change will spread malaria and dengue fever

First anniversary. Yippee!

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Eliminating food waste: doing your part to combat climate change

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COVID and government and politics

Big rebound for westerns monarch butterflies

Some things we know about COVID

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The surprising beauty and grace in Don't Look Up

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Climate change affecting birds in Australian rainforest

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The Misconceptions of San Diego Wildfires