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Many, many e-bikes in our city. A good solution to the parking and congestion problems at the city core. Two inherent problems that need to be worked on: cargo capacity and exposure to the elements. Also dangers to the riders from collisions with other vehicles, including other e-bikes, range and operational limits in cold weather. But they are excellent and the problems will be ironed out. Another nail in the fossil fuel coffin.

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Michael, yes, e-bikes may ease traffic congestion and solve parking problems. I regularly use my bike (regular not an e-bike) to run errands, buy groceries, go to the bank, and library about a mile or so away. Parking is impossible! But when I'm on my bike, all I have to do is lock it up at one of the convenient bike parking spots.

E-biking has its limitations. I'm in San Diego, a place where you can e-bike all year long, Detroit not so much.

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